Our criteria for selecting our logistics solution partners are based on their expertise in the fields of international logistics organisation and sustainable logistics. Our partners are involved at all stages and therefore cover a large number of areas that go beyond international transport: from conditions of sale, to customs clearance, to international and national transport (pre- and post-transport).

Certificate of freight forwarder

We are a freight forwarder, who by definition represents an intermediary professional who organizes and ensures, under his responsibility and in his own name, the transport of goods, according to the different modes that suit him, on behalf of a principal. The various modes of services provided by the freight forwarder, such as: groupage, chartering, city office or transport organisation, are subject to the same regulations (Decree 90-200 of 5 March 1990).

  • An intermediary
  • An organizer
  • A professional setting the terms of a contract in his own name

Environmentally friendly solutions

Proposing solutions that are both viable and eco-responsible is one of our main concerns. We support you by providing you with all the logistics and expertise you need to transport your products and equipment while emitting a minimum of greenhouse gases.

The advantages of multi-modal transport

Multimodal transport is a means of transport that includes two or more modes of transport (rail or inland waterway). Unlike the exclusively road transport mode, it has many advantages guaranteeing in simultaneously the best delivery conditions and ensuring a flawless level of safety.